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(1885-1954) His habilitation thesis was on Tschirnhaus transformations and it was published in the Archiv der Mathematik und Physik in 1910. He had been examined and received the right to lecture in universities in the previous year. Kaluza married in 1909 and, after his habilitation, became a Privatdozent Einstein Einstein and told him about his ideas to unify Einstein 's theory of gravity and Maxwell 's theory of light. Einstein encouraged him to publish his highly original ideas which he did in 1921 in his paper on the unity problem of physics - published in Sitzungsberichte Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften (1921), 69. It was Einstein who communicated the paper on 8 December 1921.

Kaluza's ideas involved the introduction of a fifth dimension and, although he has been criticised for introducing this as a purely mathematical idea, his work is important and was explored by others. He says in this paper that his theory possessed:- virtually unsurpassed formal unity ... which could not amount to the mere alluring play of a capricious accident. He died on 1954.