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(1548/49 – 1620) Simon Stevin was a Dutch mathematician and engineer. He was active in a great many areas of science, both theoretical and practical, but may be best known for his translation of various mathematical terms into common Dutch language, make it the only European language for which the word for mathematics was not derived from the Latin.Stevin was born in Bruges, Flanders. Of the circumstances of his life very little is recorded; the exact day of his birth and the day and place of his death (The Hague or Leiden) are alike uncertain.

It is known that he left a widow with two children; and one or two hints scattered throughout his works inform us that he began life as a merchant's clerk in Antwerp, that he travelled in Poland, Denmark and other parts of northern Europe, and that he was intimate with Prince Maurice of Nassau, who asked his advice on many occasions, and made him a public officer—at first director of the so-called "waterstaet" (the government for water affairs), and afterwards quartermaster-general. In Bruges there is a Simon Stevin Square which contains his statue by Eugen Simonis .